Fun Cars

I guess I’ve never grown up.  And for now at least, I’ve decided I don’t want to.  Evidence of this fact abounds.  And this page should provide sufficient proof to stand up in any court of law.  Let’s just hope it isn’t traffic court.

The 94 Mustang was a fun ride.  And the 2008 Shelby GT 500 convertible arrived in May 2008.

But the Ranchero is as fun as it gets.


OK, I’ve got to admit the real reason I got my Ranchero was for the 429 Cobra Jet.  Once I decided I wanted a 429 CJ something, and assuming I wanted something that legitimately came from the factory with one – mine didn’t, but some did – my choices were limited to a 70 or 71 Torino – like the one I had 30 years ago – or Ranchero or a 71 Mustang, or their Mercury equivalents.  Although I love the early Mustangs, especially the 1969 Shelby, I’m not partial to the 71 Mustang.  And the Ranchero just seemed more fun to me than a Torino.  Anyway, until I find a Torino convertible, this Ranchero is my fun project.

My 1994 Mustang is a fun ride too.



You can find out more about
Ford’s 429 Cobra-Jet here.

(If you have a Ram Air CJ you
probably need a new shaker seal.)

Like my wheels and tires?  You
can find out more about them here.

Tech Notes:
– Wheel Fitment
– Seat installation
– Wiring Upgrades
– Traction Bars
– A/F ratio tuning
– Timing adjustments
– Get rid of your points
– Speedo correction
And more to come!!!
Have I mentioned this car is a work in progress?  Here are my lists of projects: completed, in progress, and those I’m just dreaming about doing!One of my biggest projects is adding some performance to my 429 CJ.

Please don’t hesitate to email me to talk about high performance Fords of the ’60s and ’70s.

I’ve got a few choice links available here for more information about Rancheros and big block Fords.