Our Pets

Meet Cassie, Max and Mel.

They let us live with them – and they allow us to have guests…  guests with food. Right now two pets let us live with them.


Max in the foreground, and Mitzvah in the background



This is Cassie

Cassie was the Princess in our family.  She ascended to Dog Heaven 11/25/2002.

This is Max – Max is not in Kansas anymore.

(We found him there playing “dodge car” on the toll way entrance – he may seem long on cute and short on brains but he was smart enough to hitch a ride in the only car in Kansas heading to Hawaii!)


This is Mel – the B.F.B.C*

Mel recently joined Cassie in Dog heaven.  He went to dog heaven because for a big cat Mel, cat heaven was just too sissy.

* Big Fat Boy Cat


This is our pets’ friend,

This is Mitzvah

The latest addition to the Barnes’ family.  Mitzvah was a stray in the
neighborhood but now he is one lucky cat.